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​Finally, SolHEALTH supports health professional education and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels. By doing so, SolHEALTH attempts to ensure the development of a health professional workforce that is capable of leveraging the latest technologies and contributing to the data that furthers health promotion, disease prevention and the incorporation of sustainable, evidence-based approaches to all medical disciplines.​

​​Maternal and child health is a major focus as an investment in women and children is likely to yield significant health returns for the entire population. SolHEALTH strategies often include interventions that address critical maternal and child health issues by maximizing well-woman, well-child and well-baby visits, and improving pre-natal and post-partum care for both women, infants and children.

Focus Areas

SolHEALTH focuses on both disease-specific interventions as well as those that improve healthcare systems and public health infrastructures. These often include maximizing immunizations, screening and health maintenance encounters that have been proven to yield the greatest results. SolHEALTH specifically aims to reduce the burden of relevant communicable and non-communicable diseases and improve lifestyle practices though education of healthcare providers and the public, as well as the deployment of proven, sustainable technologies

SolHEALTH provides assistance in clinical and population research, developing technologies and implementing policies designed to reduce or eliminate major population health burdens. These include domestic violence, anti-microbial resistance, injuries associated with motor vehicles, bicycles, sports and firearms, pediatric poisonings and drowning, nosocomial infections, and parasitic diseases.